In a sea of wild hues
A strange world awaits
A view that is dull and grey
My meek face has faded
Skeletal bones remain in a slump.

My self worth has deminished beyond the rubble that lays
Hearts repairing
Bit by bit
Day by day
When everything began like any given love affair
Then it was all over.

It’s meant to be
Just like this
To realise who loved me more than anything else
On my own now
With child to bear
All my love and care.

I’ve come and gone
Withered away
Had my blues played out 
My heart wrapped in broken chains
But building myself once again from the dirt that’s further from the ground on which we walk
It’s the binding courage to admit I’ve failed
Admitting my own perilous fate.

My heart and head remained in two seperate pathes
The one I’d taken was the wrong one to choose
I’ve had to admit how wrong I’ve been
But now being woken up from that later self
I’m able to reprint who I am now.

I’ve come to know who of you are my real friends
Who the ones that I can really trust
Those who can’t be there for me
I now know the truth
And the truth is what stands still.

The breath of a liar…

The tricks you’ve played…

I’m not staying to be apart of your game.

I’m battling back and planning my life
A way it should’ve been
I might’ve been naive 
But my eyes are wide open now
And I’m clearly seeing you for who you really are.

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